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  • Phase 1: Become a Full-Stack Web Developer
    Start IMPORTANT: Read first!
    Preview What We'll Cover In This Course4:11
    Start Syllabus
    Start Discussion Forum
    Start Student Live Chat
    Preview About Your Instructor & Making The Most Of This Course
  • Part I: Introduction & Getting Set Up
    Preview How Exactly Do Computers Work?4:10
    Preview How Does The Internet Work Behind The Scenes?5:49
    Start Let's Get Set Up Using Cloud9
    Start Important Differences & Updates
    Start Migrating From Nitrous to Cloud9
  • Part II: Rails Deep Dive: Build A Blog
    Start Blog Overview1:16
    Start Introducing The Console, Your Command Center
    Start The Rails Skeleton
    Start The Rails Server, At Your Service8:48
    Start Scaffolding For Blog Posts6:37
    Preview Home Page & Bootstrap10:21
    Start Bootstrap Buttons6:17
    Start Bootstrap Forms5:12
    Start It's A Date4:28
    Start Behind The Scenes Of A Browser4:55
  • Part III: HTML & Launch A Website
    Start Introducing HTML0:44
    Start Sublime Text & Other Tools3:13
    Start First HTML Page3:22
    Start The HTML Page Structure4:46
    Preview Typography5:24
    Start Lists4:31
    Start Images4:26
    Start Tables3:25
    Preview Forms10:09
    Start Links5:03
    Start Divisions & Spans4:22
    Start Comments2:07
    Start Launch A Website In 20 Minutes
  • Part IV: Cascading Style Sheets Are Awesome
    Start Homework Assignment #1
    Start Intro to CSS0:39
    Start Pass Me The CSS Please10:18
    Start Selecting HTML4:21
    Start Color4:38
    Start Text and Font5:59
    Start Listomania2:10
    Start Display Options5:05
    Start Inspector Gadget3:48
    Start Margin & Padding8:58
    Start CSS is Classy8:39
    Start Summary of Selectors10:55
    Start We Can Float8:49
    Start Positioning Things9:43
    Start Additional Tips11:27
    Start Media Queries4:22
    Start Bootstrap5:13
  • Part V: Javascript & jQuery
    Start Intro to Javascript0:52
    Start Setup8:23
    Start Variables5:14
    Start Strings3:40
    Start Javascript Can Count2:46
    Start Booleans4:37
    Start Control Flow3:09
    Start Comments2:22
    Start Let's Get Loopy9:37
    Start Arrays Are Lists10:17
    Start Functions6:58
    Start Objects8:55
    Start Prototypes & Inheritance11:57
    Start The DOM7:08
    Start Targeting HTML14:37
    Start Javascript Gets Classy8:05
    Start Events & Callbacks8:43
    Start AJAX & jQuery3:36
    Start jQuery Selectors5:25
    Start jQuery Gets Classy5:43
    Start jQuery Events5:23
    Start jQuery This4:58
    Start Ready, Set jQuery4:55
    Start Order Matters3:04
    Start jQuery Effects5:58
  • Part VI: The Ruby Language
    Start Homework Assignment #2
    Start Achieve Zen with Ruby1:08
    Start Ruby Files & IRB3:33
    Start Numbers & Strings5:42
    Start Variables & Interpolation4:07
    Start Booleans5:51
    Start Control Flow6:24
    Start Arrays & Methods8:03
    Start Homework Assignment #3
    Start Hashes Are Important4:43
    Start Iterators12:17
    Start Methods Are Functions6:13
    Start Ruby Has Class5:27
    Start Class Attributes5:11
    Start Inheritance4:32
  • Part VII: Build A Real Startup (SaaS Project App)
    Preview SaaS App Intro3:31
    Start Web Servers and Rails13:20
    Start Rails New5:48
    Start Setup - Git Config & Init7:03
    Start Setup - Github6:44
    Start Git Push5:43
    Start Heroku for Live Production Servers8:58
    Start First Deploy10:54
    Start Rails Server4:59
    Start Home Page11:06
    Start About Page9:51
    Start Bootstrap Gem7:26
    Start Import Bootstrap8:19
    Start Navbar6:38
    Start Bootstrap Javascript4:43
    Start Links In Rails11:35
    Start Rake Routes4:27
    Start More View Updates9:03
    Start Font Awesome12:40
    Start Rails Asset Pipeline13:58
    Start Homework Assignment #4
  • Part VII (cont'd): Adding Messaging
    Start Contact Form Intro0:53
    Start Contacts Database6:05
    Start Contact Model File1:56
    Start Contacts Controller2:31
    Start Contact Routes2:33
    Start Contact Form18:40
    Start Learn With The Rails Console10:59
    Start Link In The Navbar4:21
    Start Saving To The Database13:01
    Start Explanation for the Create Action4:41
    Start The Flash Hash5:25
    Start Form Validations7:45
    Preview HTTP Verbs, REST, and Rails13:03
    Start Homework Assignment #5
    Start Let's Break It Down9:03
    Start Rails Action Mailer5:09
    Start The Mailer View3:14
    Start Controller Triggers The Mailer9:00
    Start Meet Your Personal Mailman, Sendgrid11:15
    Start Git Workflow Tips (If You Get Stuck)
  • Part VII (cont'd): User Memberships and Taking Payments with Subscriptions
    Start Memberships Intro1:05
    Start Devise Gem7:33
    Start Devise Forms9:33
    Start Navbar User Links11:22
    Start Database Associations5:46
    Start Plans Database Table & Model11:21
    Start Associating Users & Plans7:21
    Start Sign Up Buttons10:06
    Start Sending Parameters For Plans12:15
    Start Credit Card Fields15:42
    Start Stripe Intro0:30
    Start Stripe & Figaro Gems14:08
    Start Stripe Game Plan5:13
    Start Two Signup Forms10:14
    Start Stripe JS11:51
    Start Stripe Server-Side Code20:28
    Start A Few Improvements - Nice Work So Far, Keep Going!7:42
    Start Let's Deploy To Heroku10:56
    Start Stripe Explanation12:00
  • Part VII (cont'd): User Profiles
    Start User Profiles Intro0:36
    Start Profiles Model & Table6:28
    Start Profiles Routes4:05
    Start Parameters Explained27:52
    Start Profile New Form13:12
    Start Profile Create Action8:43
    Start User Show Action9:04
    Start User Show Page9:53
    Start Updating The New Action6:33
    Start Home Improvement18:11
    Start User Edit Action9:11
    Start Profile Update Action4:04
    Start Securing The User Pages7:12
    Start Paperclip Gem For Image Upload4:27
    Start Homework Assignment #6
    Start Update The Profiles Table4:33
    Start Image Upload9:19
    Start User Profile Styles Part I19:53
    Start User Profile Styles Part II19:43
    Preview Community Index Page5:56
    Start Community Page Styles31:52
    Start General Improvements12:41
    Start Copy Improvements4:05
    Start Final Deploy5:04
    Start Congratulations!0:59
  • Phase 2: Become an Advanced Full-Stack Developer
    Start Intro to Phase II3:35
    Start IMPORTANT: How to complete this part of the course.
  • Part VIII: Advanced Javascript
    Start Codecademy Javascript
    Start Eloquent Javascript
    Start Survive Javascript
    Start Javascript Garden
  • Part IX: Revisit Ruby on Rails with Test Driven Development
    Start Ruby on Rails Tutorial
  • Part X: SQL Databases
    Start SQL School
    Start SQLZOO
  • Part XI: AngularJS
    Start Codecademy AngularJS
    Start Ng-newsletter
    Start Yeoman Codelab
    Start Official Tutorial
  • Part XII: Node.js
    Start Tutsplus Introduction
    Start The Art Of Node
  • Part XIII: Computer Science Roots
    Start Algorithms from Dartmouth College and Khan Academy
    Start Harvard CS50
  • Phase 3: Getting Hired
    Start Rounding Out Your Knowledge
    Start Downloadable eBook - How To Get Hired
    Start Getting Hired & Next Steps

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Coder Manual

Coder Manual is great for anyone interested in switching careers, startups, web or graphic designers, students and MBA’s, unemployed, and IT managers. For more details on this course and instructor, click here.


Become a job-ready developer by building a portfolio of real-world apps and interacting 1-on-1 with the best mentors in the field. This training is as robust as it gets, including live instruction and job-hunting assistance, on top of 33+ hours of top-notch video courses (some from Stanford, Harvard, etc.). Jump into this 12-week curriculum for 92% off!
  • 33+ hours of video content
  • Reference the downloadable ​e-book on how to get hired as a full-time web developer
  • Get live guidance with instructors via live video/screenshare
  • Study front-end development w/ HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery & frameworks like AngularJS
  • Learn back-end development w/ Ruby on Rails, Node.js, e-commerce, databases & more
  • Understand computer science fundamentals, algorithms, git, and test driven development (TDD)
  • Create a portfolio of real-life apps to help you get jobs or start your own business


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all level


  • Internet required


  • Instant digital redemption
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