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Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment Analysis
  • Experience level required: Beginner
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Course Curriculum

5 Lessons (1h)

  • Your First Program

  • Introduction

    Course overview2:33
  • Case study #1 - follow along analysis

    Case study overview - what to expect0:52
    Why investment analysis?6:04
    Market research part 116:32
    Market research part 27:08
    Running a back of the envelope analysis7:59
    The rest of the course1:44
  • Foundations - investment process

    The investment process overview0:28
    Due diligence4:27
    Financing and closing3:09
    Construction and rehab8:32
    Summary of investment process7:47
  • Foundations - investment considerations

    Investment considerations overview0:35
    External considerations11:14
    Property considerations12:54
    Deal considerations9:52
    Other considerations5:49
    Summary of investment considerations12:30
  • Foundations - three primary investment strategies

    Investment strategies overview0:37
    Core investment strategy8:22
    Opportunistic investment strategy11:21
    Value-added investment strategy6:24
    Investment strategies summary7:48
  • Foundations - how to measure returns

    Introduction to measures of return1:48
    Discounted cash flow and the net present value (NPV)5:37
    The discount rate2:42
    Net present value (NPV) exercise7:34
    Internal rate of return (IRR)2:33
    Internal rate of return (IRR) exercise4:24
    Cash multiple1:58
    Which measure to use? (Part 1)6:03
    Which measure to use? (Part 2)4:50
    The terminal value5:53
    Yields and cap rates8:38
    Summary of measures of return7:49
  • Foundations - impact of debt on return

    What is debt leverage?0:54
    Interest only vs amortized loans4:34
    The loan amortization schedule3:57
    How debt impacts investment returns5:07
    Summary of debt impact4:41
  • Case study #2 - advanced rental income property analysis

    Introduction to the case studies1:53
    Single unit rental income property overview0:43
    Single unit rental income property considerations8:34
    Single unit rental income property analysis. (Part 1)7:34
    Single unit rental income property analysis. (Part 2)6:57
  • Case study #3 - advanced fix & flip analysis

    Single fix & flip overview0:59
    Single fix & flip key considerations13:40
    Single fix & flip investment analysis. (Part 1)7:10
    Single fix & flip investment analysis. (Part 2)6:56
  • Case study #4 - multifamily analysis

    Multifamily investment overview4:12
    Multifamily key considerations11:14
    Multifamily example 1: four-plex apartment13:39
    Multifamily example 2: 196 unit apartment complex10:08
  • Case study #5 - multiple properties

    Multiple properties overview2:16
    Multiple properties key considerations5:22
    Multiple properties example10:04
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Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment Analysis

Symon He

Symon He | Stanford MBA | Real Estate | Financial & Data Analysis

4.5/5 Instruction Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Symon He is a real estate investor and business consultant based out of Los Angeles CA. He currently helps private real estate investors with their acquisitions and deal structuring and advises startup entrepreneurs on their financial models and projections for their businesses. He is also a co-founder of LearnAirbnb, a boutique consultancy and education blog specializing in the home-sharing economy. He also writes articles about real estate, investing, small business, and whatever else he's into at the moment at his personal blog.


Take a practical approach to master the techniques professionals use to evaluate real estate investment opportunities in this course. From flips and flops to rental income properties, this course offers valuable information on a range of investment opportunities, all presented in an accessible, beginner-friendly format.

4.5/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 5 lectures & 1 hour of content 247
  • Confidently evaluate the return potential of any real estate investment opportunity
  • Know a "good" investment from a "bad" investment
  • Use professional-grade investment models to evaluate your deals
  • Evaluate rental income properties
  • Evaluate fix & flips
  • Evaluate commercial properties
  • Evaluate Airbnb properties
  • Use smart investment deal structures with business partners
  • Understand & use professional real estate investment strategies & techniques
All featured courses are designed for educational purposes only and do not reflect our views or recommendations. Please note that all course purchasers invest at their own risk.


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  • Experience level required: beginner
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