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Mac Clarity - Master Your Mac
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Mac Clarity - Master Your Mac




For users that are new to the Mac world or just need some help increasing their technical skills, this tutorial goes above and beyond to get you mastering your Mac. Stop wasting time, feeling stressed and asking everyone else for help with the most basic of Mac tasks. This course makes learning how to use your Mac easy and fun. You will be guided through 9 levels of learning, starting at the very basics so you will never feel left behind and by the end, you will have the knowledge to utilize all of your Mac. Even as a more confident user, this course will help you unlock the other unknown mysteries and tricks that comes with your Mac. You will become a more productive user in no time by unlocking your computers full potential.


Most users out there don't take the time to master the full potential of their Mac. This leaves you behind the game to slowly learn by yourself but your saving grace is here. This Mac Mastery tutorial will get you back up to date in no time. Take the amazing tips and tricks taught here and use them to increase your productivity to levels you never thought were possible. Now go from zero to Mac hero and unlock every bit of your computer.


  • Over 123 lectures and 8 hours of content
  • Feel empowered and calm as you learn how to command your computer
  • Set up a Mac the way that makes most sense for the way that you think and interact with technology
  • Get seriously productive and creative with devices synchronized and distractions reduced in innovative ways
  • To Learn about your emotional baggage with computers and re-train your habits to let this go
  • Receive A Certificate of Completion


For Mac Users with OSX Snow Leopard 10.6 or above.


"I recently switched to a Mac after 20+ years using PCs / Windows and found myself looking for a good video tutorial to help me be more productive. Exactly what I needed. Thank you!" - Alex Minkov "This course is excellent to teach MAC clearly as the title says. There are things confusing for many MAC users, well with this course now that is demystified." - M Chowdhury "This is a very useful course designed for Mac users. This course provides me with tips and tricks to handle my mac and making sure my mac is optimally helping me with my job, personal tasks and my writing passion. Would recommend this for anyone seeking more from their macs to help increase productivity." - Listy Cahydandari

THE EXPERT - Arron Artikai

Arron Artikai is a Mac expert, an experienced teacher and life coach, and the creator of Technology Shaman. Arron’s passion is to teach clients how to use technology with more efficiency and creativity.


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