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Get $1 credit for every $25 spent!
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TypeIt4Me is the original text expander for Mac, saving people time and keystrokes for 25 years! Consider how much you type on your Mac. How much time do you think you'd save if you were even just 10% faster? Probably a lot. TypeIt4Me makes it easy to create shortcuts that expand to longer words, phrases or pictures. That means you can write common things like names, email addresses, contact details, phrases, and more in just a couple keystrokes. It even works with awkwardly lengthy, hard to spell technical terms and boilerplate texts like legal contracts. Stop typing the same things over. Save time and effort with TypeIt4Me!

4.5/5 Stars, CNET Editors' Rating
4/5 Stars, Macworld

  • Abbreviate the things you type most frequently to write them out faster
  • Correct the frequent typos that usually trip you up
  • Effortlessly insert dates & times
  • Sync w/ Dropbox, iCloud Drive, & more to work across anywhere you write
  • Get fill-in-the-blanks placeholder prompts w/ Autocue
  • Run Apple scripts when you type shortcuts

Details & Requirements

  • Version 6
  • Updates included


  • Mac OS X 10.9 or later


  • Redemption: must redeem within 30 days of purchase
  • Restrictions: for 10 users to use on any number of computers


  • Instant digital redemption